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Come meet our Writer, CEO and Founder, Allison Sledge, and see what we're all about.

The Success of our unique and exciting Press Release platform is due, for the most part, to our dynamic CEO and Founder, Allison Sledge. Her bio below speaks for itself and, although it's only the tip of the iceberg, her passion for helping people is evident.


Allison Sledge ~ Founder / CEO / Writer

Realtors for Luxury Homes


PRESS RELEASES - By Allison Sledge



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"I am pleased to be of service to our elite Realtors who handle the sale and/or purchase of Luxury Homes!

— Allison Sledge


NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, June 13, 2014 /  -- 


Allison Sledge knows what it takes to get attention. 


Born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California, Ms. Sledge was a natural artist whose gifts were well respected in the Hollywood entertainment industry. “I always admired artists and intellectuals.” She says, “The way they use their talents and voices to convey their deep and intense philosophical messages has always spoken volumes to me.”

Having had the experience of growing up in so many ethnically diverse areas of Los Angeles , including Hollywood,  Pomona and Claremont - Allison saw diversity everywhere she looked. “You could not have witnessed two completely separate universes in the world, if you put Claremont and Pomona side by side on a map In fact, they are side by side on a map! One street divides the two cities, and they are as diametrically opposed as anyone could possibly imagine. One was poor; one was rich; one was black; one was white; one was laced with drug addicts, gangs and burglars; the other was laced with prestigious private colleges, rich kids, wild and loud dorm keg parties and pedigree degrees. I grew up in both towns” recalls Allison, "I understand both sides of the track."

Indeed, this perspective would tend to shape the character of a young woman trying to make sense of her world and her future. “All I wanted to be was the first female shortstop on the Los Angeles Dodgers” she says, “I was the first girl to play Little League baseball in Claremont, I played with and against Mark McGwire – and I was better than him!”

In fact, she was. Allison won MVP in every sport, and was always the first choice when voting for the All-Stars. In Jr. High, Allison and Mark were voted best female and male athletes of the school, respectively.

Recalling the events, she says, “It’s a tragedy that female athletic talent, at that time, was totally and 100% dismissed. What do you do when society tells you that you can’t do what you were born to do?” she laments. "It wasn't until I read the poem "A Dream Deferred" by Langston Hughes, that I got a grip on the reality that I wasn't in this alone. Both sides of my family ancestry had never realized their potentials or dreams. They were never given the chance."

Fortunately, Ms. Sledge had many other talents to pursue. She was a bass player for many local bands in the Hollywood circuit and then decided go to college when the music scene became redundant. “That was a time when bands had to ‘pay to play’ she states. “If you wanted to continue to gig on the Sunset Strip, you had to promote yourself for the club. I found that to be ridiculous, so I left to pursue my writing career.”

Allison enrolled at California State University, Los Angeles, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Television, Film and Radio. “I took full advantage of all of my opportunities” she says. “I interned on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson, “The Arsenio Hall Show”, “Family Feud” and “Jeopardy” just to name a few. My first professional gig was the Assignment Editor for “Personalities” on Fox Television with Host Charlie Rose, who had been my idol for many years. I worked on Films, on Television, on Radio – everything. It was effortless for me.”

Having been interested in religion and spirituality all of her life, Allison wrote and published a book entitled “The Quintessential Jesus of Nazareth,” which is available in bookstores across the globe.

“I learned very early that you can’t always get what you want,” she says, “Forces beyond you prevent you from idealizing your dreams, and when that happens, you have to be smart and succeed in other areas where you are equally competent. Moreover, when you're young, the things that you believe you want to do for the rest of your life suddenly change as you grow older. You just have to be ready, willing and able to accept those changes, with the full confidence that you had in your younger days."

Never one for letting outside influences interfere with her goals, Allison founded “Momentum Services” a company that started out creating and designing mobile websites and apps for small businesses. “It was the next ‘big thing’" she opines, “But once it’s done, how are people going to know about it?”

Being true to her news background and knowing that being in the media is always a good thing, Allison decided to promote her clients through Press Releases. 


Ms. Sledge says,"I decided to offer all of my clients a unique and exclusive avenue to promote themselves in a way that is beautiful and fulfilling. Quite frankly, it’s their own unique story that has never been told or heard before and published to a mass audience. The luxury home communities are now the primary focus - and in today's world, content is everything online. Our Press Releases are published on hundreds and thousands of media websites across the country  and around the world– Television, Newspapers, Radio, Magazines, Blogs, Social Media and Business Journals… who could ask for more?”


Allison explains. "Besides honoring our military with military-friendly Press Releases of Real Estate Professionals, we now write and publish Press Releases for Luxury Home Real Estate Professionals who want their communities to know that they are there for them.


The writer continues, "My father was in the Air Force, stationed at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada - before I was born. His stories always thrilled me, especially when he fondly reminisced and graphically described parachuting! My Dad jumped out of planes!!! How cool was that to hear, as his young daughter? He was able to graduate with a Masters Degree in Psychology from U.S.C. (University of Southern California) due to his Military service, and because of his Military benefits, he was able to buy our first house with his VA loan. How could I not incorporate all of my knowledge and experience into creating such a fantastic opportunity for Real Estate Pros who love to serve those who have served?”

Allison is a proud member of the Military Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals and is truly excited to branch out into the luxury home arena.

That said, any Real Estate agent, broker, home inspector, lender, and any other professional involved with luxury homes, who wants to get their name out in the Media for the Luxury Home Community, need to look no further.


Allow us to write and publish your stellar Press Release.
You'll be glad you did...


Media Contact:


Allison Sledge - CEO / Writer

Luxury Homes Real Estate Professionals

(980) 273-0516

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Allison Sledge
Founder / CEO / Writer
(980) 273-0516
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