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We get your Luxury Property in front of the right people. We offer elite marketing and advertising locally, regionally, statewide, nationwide, and globally, with just one press release!

The most important thing for wealthy buyers to understand is  the property itself and its story.   Storytelling is what makes the connection, specifically targeting those who will be a great fit to purchase the Luxury Property.  The art and ultimate success in selling Luxury Properties happens when the buyers feel connected to the property through storytelling. The best storytelling captures the imagination and connects the buyer to the property all before the buyer sets foot into the home. That is the beauty and design of Luxury Property Storytelling.

Selling Luxury Homes is an art form. A true “Million Dollar Agent” is an artist who allows a writer to create a story about the Luxury Property and sells the story and the lifestyle, because “Million Dollar Buyers” expect “Million Dollar Treatment.”


Writers understand the psychology of decision-making (people buy with emotion and justify with logic) and are trained to write in ways that elicit the appropriate emotion and provide comforting reasons. A professional writer will write your story (and the story of the property itself) in ways that your ideal buyers will feel as if they were having a direct conversation with you and are imagining already living in the house.

Professional writers have a deep and wide knowledge of the English language that can transform the most mundane listing into a beautifully enticing narrative of the perfect home.  We can showcase a single Luxury Property and tell the property’s story in detail, then publish and distribute the story to multi-million-dollar companies that have very wealthy people running them. Opulence, romance, rustic glory, or sophisticated elegance can all be communicated using the highest imagination possible while describing your Luxury Property Listing.


Luxury Real Estate Marketing demands that you stand apart from regular real estate. Luxury Real Estate Agents hire professional photographers, videographers, and stagers, so why wouldn’t you hire a professional writer with expertise in Real Estate and Luxury Home Marketing?

Your Press Release Package includes your story, the property’s story, your picture, your Company Logo, and a video of the Luxury Property. We also embed your website, so it goes all around the world too.

Let us help you become the SUPERSTAR Luxury Home Real Estate Agent in your area at the most affordable price you will ever see.

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Allison Sledge
Allison Sledge
Founder / CEO / Writer
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Herb Schwarz
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